Wilson A2000 DP15

The Wilson A2000 DP15 infielder glove is one of the best gloves put out by Wilson so far. With its trademarked Pedroia Fit making it easier for those with smaller hands, or people who really need a snug fitting infield glove, this glove is sure to please. The A2000 DP15 model being Dustin Pedrioa’s (MLB second baseman) game model glove, has to be quality, with super long laces that double “X” for more security in the pocket to H-web connection, and the dual rolled welting to insure a super-fast break in. This beauty has even been designed without the felt allowing for a better grasp or feel of the ball, just like Dustin’s glove.

Working with Dustin Pedroia

While Wilson is known for listening to players, they really went all out for this model, taking Pedrioa’s suggestions for the welting, laces, low profile heel, and flared shape and combining them to create a perfect match to his game glove. But really, what would expect from Wilson with decades of MLB worthy designs and refinements that continue to leave the competitors in the dirt. While Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso supplies these Pro Stock™ patterns, and insures their MLB customers are coming back season in and out by using only Pro Stock™ Leather, the rest of the design team spends countless man hours testing and running quality assurance to insure they bring Wilson’s ultra-high standards to their customers.

Other Features

While Wilson’s 11.5” DP15 features their Dual Hinge web, giving it the all-around function that you need in infield play, the Dri-Lex® wrist lining gives the breathable water repellent surface to keep your hand dry and cool, and its Dual-Welting™ provides the ultra-strong pocket that insures your break-in will last. The Dual-Welting™ runs from the binding to the back fingertip, providing an immensely stable pocket by pre-curving the fingers and almost pre-setting the pocket in a way that can’t be undone without disassembling the glove. To top it off, this sought after welting has been patented, which means that absolutely nobody else will have a fit or feel. This insures that you get the perfect catch every time. Adding in the Dri-Lex®, the most breathable materials developed for the game, insures that even if your hands start to heat up from some serious high energy play, they won’t over heat, as the Dri-Lex® wicks away the moisture helping to cool your hand and remain dry, and we all know, a dry glove doesn’t get mildew or mold problems.

Whether you are a Pro or just starting out, the Wilson A2000 series are likely the best in the game. From fit to performance, they are designed to look, feel and more importantly play like a pro’s glove, helping you play more like a pro. While Wilson has been putting out the A2000 series for almost 60 years now, they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to design and quality, insuring each new model released is better and higher quality than the last. This is why their products are so sought after. From the premium leather, to the lining and the design to the final fit, Wilson gloves are world renowned for their quality and their eye for detail shows in every single glove. With more field testing each year and consistent developmental improvements that insure they have the grounds to offer one of the best guarantees in the business, is it any wonder why more games are won with Wilson?

So if it’s the 100 Day money back guarantee, or that Wilson is synonymous with quality, or even that Shigeaki Aso or Dustin Pedroia are your heroes, you know that everyone playing in the infield needs to have this glove.

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