Mizuno World Win 1st base glove

Mizuno products are consistently the go to products of the pros and best amateurs worldwide. With a history over 110 years old, Mizuno has had time to hone their craft and designs to near perfection. Originally based in Japan, Mizuno has embraced the US, and they have embraced Mizuno. World renowned for quality, highly sought after, original designed gloves, they are the standard that all other manufacturers are measured by. Being no exception to this rule, the Mizuno World Win First Base Mitt is an exception example of high quality.

As with all Mizuno models, the World Win 1st base mitt is recognizable from a distance. Any batter knows he is in trouble when he sees a Mizuno at first base. Designed with a special tan colored retro leather look, the soft, smooth feel of quality leather and conditioning lets you know this glove will break in perfectly. The dual layer embroidered Mizuno emblem is hard to miss, and the style is one of a kind. From the colors, to the leather, to the always impressive lace layout, the World Win is a winner. But what’s the big deal? A glove is a glove right? The devil is in the details, and Mizuno is the detail king!

What's Included on this page:

Game ready

The first thing that makes a Mizuno World Win Series First Base Mitt different, is it comes ready to play right out of the package. Mizuno designs their gloves to be as close to game ready as they can be without the hand of the player to size it too. The layout of the laces gives the proper curve and contour to the mitt, allowing for a deeper pocket and a more supported thumb and finger. With lacing around the entire seem the glove is setup to exceed its one year warranty from the get go.


While the pocket is deep, and almost seems sticky because of how well it holds and traps the ball, it releases like it was Teflon coated and is one of the best catch and release gloves available. While every first base player appreciates the speed of a gloves release, comfort is just as important. A glove that stings, doesn’t fit well, or is laced poorly so it doesn’t allow for movement is a player’s worst dream.


Mizuno has an extra thick lace reinforced pocket that can handle throw after throw and give the same great performance today as it does after a year full of games. The extra thick leather webbing allows it to be broken in, but still keeps its strength where other manufacturers would end up tearing by using thinner leather and poor reinforcement.

Unlike a lot of newer manufacturers, Mizuno has learned that nothing beats using quality designs, materials, and workmanship, the place where this is most evident in the fit and feel of this model. The ParaShock Palm Pad absorbs impact like a bullet proof vest, removing the sting, and absorbing the power behind the ball without the rebound that lesser gloves are famous for causing. Everyone knows that short of the Catcher position, the person whose glove takes the most abuse and sees the most action is the first baseman. This is why the design is made to protect the hand of the first baseman, leaving him ready to release and throw without worry.

With an addition that is sure to please every 1st baseman playing the game, Mizuno has upped the ante one more time. Mizuno’s Pro Flex finger inserts and ParaShock three finger channels allow for a comfort and fit with no near comparison in the North American market. The Pro Flex inserts not only are made to be flexible but are a fantastic support and comfort point as well.

Allowing for a better control of the catch and a tighter grip, this modification has been a huge selling point to the thousands already using this glove. The conventional open back is perfect, allowing for maximum support no matter where you choose to place your hand, and with its 12.5 inch size, you are going to be happy with the results. Once again with a full one year warranty, Mizuno steps up to insure the player that they, not profits, are the company’s focus.

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