Mizuno MVP Prime

The Mizuno MVP Prime, the flagship glove for a sporting goods giant, and one of the best gloves on the market for fielders today. To understand the work that is behind this model, all you need to do is understand a little about the Mizuno Company.

Mizuno USA, stemming from the parent Mizuno Corporation of Japan, has a 110 year heritage to fall back on when it comes to top grade sporting equipment, apparel, and footwear. Whether its golf, volleyball, softball, jogging, track & field, or baseball, you can rest assured that Mizuno equipment is the best. Established in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Rihachi Mizuno set a manufacturing standard that is as high today as it was then. By refusing to cut corners, even at the cost of manufacturing prices and lessened profits, Mizuno has made a name for them that has carried them to number one, with a corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports”, is it any wonder?

Now that you understand the environment behind the name Mizuno, you begin to understand the true worth and value placed on each of their gloves. But what exactly sets these gloves apart?

Starting with the feel of the leather, Mizuno’s proprietary “Oil Plus” leather makes it a perfect balance with firmness for a quality control, and soft flexibility and smoothness for finesse. Durable Steer Soft palm liner takes the sting out of the fastest catch without compromising flexibility and ease of use, allowing strength while it is still soft enough to grip and hold. While this seems like a great combination, adding in the Heel Flex Technology that they are patenting, increases the flexibility and closure. This gives the fielder the increased ability to grasp and really hold the ball, opposed to the competitions stop and drop, which gives the MVP Pro the competitive difference that lives up to the name. Additionally their newest center pocket design increases the hold, and control to the point that you almost don’t need a hand inside the glove at all. This is why even newer players are making MVP quality catches.

The overall design is smooth and sleek; looking like the game was designed for it, as opposed to the Mizuno MVP Prime being designed perfectly for the game. Designed for thumb and pinky stability, the strong edge does more than just look good. The patented, ultra-durable, SteerSoft palm liner protects the catchers hand from even the fastest line drive, without the bulk commonly associated with padding in lesser gloves, and is thin enough to insure great catch and release control. If this weren’t enough to give a player the edge, the Outfield Shock 2 Web is another proprietary Mizuno addition which gives the bonus of more stability, with a pocket that just sticks to the ball.

The look of the Mizuno MVP Prime, and that of its SE or Special edition sister gloves, makes it stand out, and everyone who sees it knows that it’s a premium glove. From the matching outlined embroidered logo, to the multi-colour SE, these gloves practically scream MVP. Adding a two-toned lace to these 12.75 inch beauties, gives an amazing contrast and a look that makes you think it’s easily twice the cost.

With this list of quality enhancements, along with available options for lefties, con you see any reason to be walking any other glove out into the field? Mizuno backs their products with a great guarantee, and why wouldn’t they with a product like this? They are world renowned for their belief in making products that work in harmony with you and your body, and helping you to become the best athlete with the highest quality equipment.

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