Mizuno Classic Pro Soft

Mizuno has struck another homerun with their Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series gloves. But what would you expect from a company whose pedigree goes back over 100 years?

Mizuno USA has their roots in the only other country that takes its baseball as seriously as the USA. With the best designers and leather smiths in the world, Mizuno takes their craft to a whole new level with the Classic Pro Soft. Anyone who takes their game seriously knows, the Mizuno Classic Pro Soft is the perfect glove for the guys in the field, but do they know why? Seeing it on the hands of so many MLB players and on all the best amateurs, you really have to wonder what the difference is. Is it the players? Is it just a coincidence that all the best ones are playing with Mizuno Gloves? Or is it that Mizuno has once again engineered a glove so good that players are seeing a substantial improvement in their game?

Main benefits of the Classic Pro Soft

Mizuno GMVP1277P MVP Prime outfield

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series gloves are recognizable from a mile away, from their double inlay monogramed logo, to their always distinctive lace or weave pattern. If you step onto the field wearing a Mizuno everyone takes notice. When a batter looks into the field and sees their logo on your hand, you know he is trying to hit away from you, and you can almost see him sweat. Everyone knows the Mizuno is the best glove in the game, but why?

Mizuno starts with a 12.75 Inch size that seems like a target for the ball any time it gets close. With a distinctive weave, the laces form a near perfect pocket that is equivalent to a trampoline for shock absorbing, and as it comes shaped to the point of almost being broken in, it catches flies with ease right out of the wrapper. The naturally pre-oiled leather has a distinctive classic look of the older rugged and rich leathers and is probably why they call it Throwback Leather. This leather is not only soft and durable but it is made to maintain its shape no matter how long you own it.

The Roll Welting gives additional support and strength that is usually confined to the highest priced gloves. Mizuno always provides the additional quality to their gloves, undercutting competition in price, but surpassing them every time in quality. The well supported fingers and the conventional open back allow fantastically improved control and dexterity. This is where the modified T-Web comes into play, helping you catch flies as easily as a spider in a web. The webs strength absorbs most of the impact from a line drive with ease, removing the fear of the sting, so pop flies don’t have a chance.

So what do you add to the perfect glove to top it off? The new Ultra Soft Pro palm liner is the perfect finish for a perfect glove. A soft liner, that absorbs impacts like sponges absorbing water, adds fit, snugness and control. This overall design and near perfect shaping will keep the competitors scrambling to keep up. As one of the best outfield gloves to date, and consistently out selling and outclassing the rest, Mizuno will to only be the one to buy, but the one to keep your eyes on in the future as they continue to develop new tools, materials, and designs in a consistent effort to retain their number one rank in the baseball world.

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