Easton XL3

If you are looking for one of the most powerful bats available in 2016, then you should pay close attention to our Easton XL3 review. While the Mako provides hitters with the best combination of bat speed and power, the XL3 gives a comparable power stroke with a slight sacrifice in bat speed. So if you are a bit bigger, or stronger than the rest of your peers, you might want to look into the XL3 to harness all of that power.

Easton XL3 Feature Set

Easton XL3 review

A few years ago, Easton introduced the Power Brigade series of baseball bats designed for two distinct players: those looking for quicker swings, and those looking for increased power. The XL3 series is one from the later which is primarily used for hitting homers. Some of the more specific features include:

  • Heavy bat – Although some would consider this a disadvantage, stronger players would consider this to be a huge advantage. With more mass, the potential is there for a tremendous amount of power generation. However the hitter needs to have the speed to get around to the pitch which is why the player must be strong to use this bat.
  • Built with the best materials – The XL3 and S3 bats in the Power Brigade series use a one-piece system that consists of an Hyperlite Matrix Alloy. This alloy is incredibly durable and strong.
  • End-loaded – With a slightly more end loaded swing, you’ll more than likely be able to add 10-20 extra feet on your swings, especially when making good contact.
  • Approved for all major youth leagues – The XL3 has been approved for all of the top youth associations including Little League, Babe Ruth, Pony, Dixie, and USSSA.

Is the XL3 worth it?

If you are a competitive or top-level youth baseball player then we certainly feel the Easton XL3 would be a great fit. This is especially true if you are a power hitter or are a bit stronger than average. In fact you probably saw this bat used at the Little League World series last summer. However, if you are playing in a non-competitive or beginner level, we feel the XL3 might not be as necessary.

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