Easton Mako Torq Youth

Easton is a name in baseball that has become synonymous with power, strength, durability and winning. Putting all their time into perfect manufacturing and technological development, they have once again over delivered with a power hitters dream in the 2016 Easton Mako Torq youth version. Showing as always, that Easton only backs winners, each year critics sit and wait for the newest Easton game changer to be released. This year is no different. If you are looking for record breaking hits, deep field, no-nonsense triples and some of the strongest runs you have ever cracked, this is the bat you are looking for.

Main features of the Easton Mako Torq

2016 is the year Easton unveils their latest powerhouse with technology that is sure to revolutionize batting performance. It’s true that a fierce new graphic and a subtle rework on the logo make this bat look fierce, but what makes it work?

The EASTON MAKO TORQ is a professional two-peace composite bat and a beautiful balance between power and an amazing 360° Torq handle. While their Torq technology was the talk of the game last year, the improvement with the new Torq 360 leaves last year’s triumph standing still. With the top palm facing up and the bottom palm facing down this innovative new handle promotes a fully extended swing by rotating. This rotation allows the wrists free movement against the barrel in the zone longer and faster which allows the batter a better opportunity to square up to the pitch with more accuracy and power than ever before. Using a 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter, they have insured as large a hitting area as possible while still keeping this bat in perfect balance.

Why is it the best?

This balanced barrel design has a lower swing weight Index for faster swing speed and greater overall control. But how exactly? The new TCT Thermo composite technology makes for a massive sweet spot and unparalleled bat speed. With ConneXion Technology the bat virtually eliminates vibration and turns all that energy back to the ball, so even mis-hits pop off like a cannon.

While the handle is their standard 31/32 Inch in size their additional gauze wrap ads extreme comfort and grip to an already easy to handle bat, further dampening any additional vibration. . What’s the point in making a perfect bat and not being able to use it? Easton not only goes the distance in supremely well designed bats but they also insure that you can use them weather you are playing with a few friends or knocking them out of the park in front of the scouts. While most bats come with a warranty for 30 days, Easton knows the quality in their product and has gone the extra mile, so Easton backs all their bats with their no-nonsense one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it worth it?

The Mako Torq is not one of the least expensive of Easton’s offerings to the batting community, and the final decision to whether or not it’s worth the investment lies with you. BUT looking at the overall improvement in power, accuracy and vibration control there is nothing that matches the Mako Torq in this price point. Many people would pay the price for just one of the things the Torq provides, but Easton always over delivers.

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