Easton Mako Beast 2017 BBCOR

For the 2017 season, the Easton Mako BBCOR Beast has once again topped our list as one of the must haves for the season. Before starting our review, I did want to make a couple of quick points:

  • This bat is expensive
  • It is typically used by competitive high level players
  • If this doesn’t fit your criteria you may want to check out this year’s version of the Demarini Voodoo which still packs a great amount of pop but at a lower price point. However if you are still interested in the Mako then read on!

Main Features

In this section I wanted to break down the main features of this top rated bat and explain how each could benefit you as a hitter.

TCT Thermo Composite

The main selling feature of the Easton Mako lies in the TCT Thermo Composite that has been applied to both the barrel and handle areas. So how good is this TCT Thermo in comparison to others?

For one the sweet spot has been increased in size giving you an even better opportunity to make powerful contact on your swings. Many hitters have even noted that their swings just feel better and smoother when using this material. This could be due to the fact that the TCT Thermo also promises to provide the hitter with a lighter swing speed. The 2017 version has also been upgrade to be 1.5″ longer than the previous version giving you ample opportunity to make contact.

In short, from the sounds of all the reviews and the feature lists, the Mako could be a perfect blend of power and efficiency for a hitter.

As mentioned earlier as well, the same material has been applied to the handle area as well. The benefit this provides you is a bat that provides much less vibrations or sting on potential mis-hits.

CXN Zero™ 2-piece ConneXion™ Technology

As mentioned in the previous section, the both the handle and barrel are made from the same material, but the Mako is still advertised as a two-piece bat. The reason for this is the use of the CXN Zero™ 2-piece ConneXion™ technology which blends the two together to still provide the hitter with the benefits expected from a two-piece bat.

So how will this help you as a hitter? By keeping the handle separate from the barrel using this newer connection piece all of the energy you put into your swing is maximized to go straight out to the barrel. This in turn provides a tremendous amount of pop in your swing and maintains the trampoline effect normally experienced in two-piece models.

Other Extras

There are a few other extras that we wanted to mention that are included in this model including:

  • Brand new grip
  • – For more comfort and a better grasp along the handle, the Mako includes a brand new HYPERSKIN™ grip. With a 1.2 mm thickness, the grip aims to eliminate shock and minimize ball sting even more. It also comes in quite the fancy color!

  • Warranty
  • – Although quite standard with many bats, Easton does offer a full 1-year warranty on the newest edition of the Mako although we are guessing you won’t need it!


As we mentioned in the introduction section, the Easton Mako BBCOR is not the cheapest bat by any stretch. Its primary audience are high school and collegiate athletes who play in competitive leagues and are the power hitters for their respective teams. So if this sounds like you and you are looking to make some major improvements to your 2016 season, consider checking this one out!

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