2018 Demarini Voodoo BBCOR bat review

Welcome to our review of the 2018 Demarini Voodoo which is available in both an end loaded and balanced swing. This BBCOR approved model promises to be a dream come true for power hitters and is primarily meant for high school and collegiate players. On this page, we aim to provide you with a break down of the different features included and how they can benefit you as a hitter. And to be honest we believe that this model is heavily deserving of our #1 ranking for top bats this summer.

So what makes this one so special? Let me provide you with the features the bat includes:

X14 Alloy Barrel

2018 Demarini Voodoo review

The X14 alloy included on the Voodoo promises to be a nice upgrade from the previously used X12 barrel. Some of its benefits include:

  • Like the older versions, this popular barrel should provide a great amount of pop and responsiveness to your swing.
  • Like the X12, the newer X14 alloy should provide a great amount of durability so that you can use it for multiple seasons. The main difference between the two alloys is that the newer version has slightly thinner walls
  • The alloy is slightly end loaded which is exactly what power hitters need
  • Virtually no break-in period should be needed as the X14 should be ready to swing for the fences right after purchase

3Fusion Handle

One of the biggest changes included in this year’s model is the use of Demarini’s own 3Fusion technology in the handle area. This new handle promotes two different things:

  1. Stiffer feel – The stiffer handle benefits power hitters as they’ll notice more of the trampoline effect when making good solid contact. Balls should travel further and hopefully end up being launched for homeruns.
  2. Reduced ball sting – Let’s face it ball sting is the absolute worst thing in the world. This new handle promises to reduce this sting effect and vibrations that can be encountered on mis-hits.

3Fusion End Cap

Brand new in the 2018 version of the Voodoo is the 3Fusion End Cap. This end cap gives the hitter a little more comfort when holding the Voodoo as it rests right against your hands almost giving the hitter a feeling like the bat isn’t even being held. According to the product description, it should also provide some additional performance improvements.

Strong backing

Demarini is one of the most popular brands in the business. Therefore a player can feel quite confident when using anything they’ve made. For the Voodoo itself they offer a full 12-month warranty period in the case of accidental damage.

Who is this bat meant for?

There are several types of players would may want to look into this model a little more. They include:

  • Competitive high-school and collegiate athletes
  • Power hitters for their respective teams
  • Players who prefer a two-piece bat
  • One thing to note is the price point is a bit higher on this bat than its predecessor and some of the others you’ll find. As such we believe that it is really meant for more experienced players that have already figured out the power game. Players who are just starting out or may not be as competitive should look into a more balanced model like the Demarini CF.

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Scotty - February 5, 2018

Would u reccomend the balanced model for a power hitter too?

Jason - March 8, 2018

I would think the balanced model would still provide an ample amount of pop. It’s hard to say for sure though without seeing your swing, strength, etc. However, I do believe it should be fine for a large majority of players.


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