2018 Demarini CF Zen and Insane review

This page is dedicated to an overview of the brand new 2018 Demarini CF Zen series bat for adult BBCOR approved leagues. You have probably already heard of this bat as its previous versions like the CF7, CF8, and CF9 have provided hitters with exceptional performance and have taken their games to the next level. Each and every year this model seems to keep getting better and is normally the pinnacle when it comes to baseball bats. In 2018 Demarini decided to “split” the CF series by offering two different versions: Zen for a balanced swing and Insane for a more end loaded powerful swing.

In this review, I am going to try and breakdown some of the major features included on the CF Zen and Insane and then provide the benefits for each. I won’t sugar coat things, this model is expensive. However, it does have the most advanced construction and has one of the frameworks already in place. Built for competitive high-school and college players, this one should improve your game.

Main Benefits of the Demarini CF Zen & Insane

Demarini CF Zen BBCOR review

So what are some of the main benefits included in the CF Zen and Insane? This section breaks down some of the more intriguing features and how they should provide you with benefit.

Paraflex Composite Barrel

This model has been built using Demarini’s own ParaFlex composite material in the barrel. This material promises to provide the hitter with tremendous performance right after purchase. One of the worst things to do when buying a new bat is breaking it in so it is nice to know that with the hefty price tag that you can take this one from the shelf to your next game (although I’m sure you’ll want some practice swings first).

The barrel itself on the CF has been extended slightly from previous versions as well to give you a longer sweet spot and in turn making contact more often.

3Fusion handle

This is one feature that the previous version did not have. The brand new 3Fusion handle system aims to eliminate ball sting and vibrations when you take those awkward swings. I know back in my day using some generic bats that the ball sting was incredibly painful so this is music to my ears. Some people in the reviews I have read have even indicated that even contact in the lower end of the bat doesn’t cause any sting.

In addition to the less frequent vibrations and stinging, the handle has also been made to be more rigid. This rigidness offers very little flex which is perfect for power hitters looking to take their swings yard.

Balanced or End Loaded Swing

One of the biggest disappointments in prior years was although the CF series contained a great amount of power coming from the handle and barrel, it was still considered a balanced bat. Thankfully, this year Demarini has decided to make a CF series bat for contact hitters (the Zen), and for power hitter (the Insane). Although the two are virtually identical in terms of construction, the Insane has a more load at the end of the barrel which provides a great amount of benefit for mashers. Despite all of the extra features included, Demarini has made the bat slightly lighter to swing therefore making it perfect for contact hitters as well. As Demarini says, it is a perfect blend of speed and power.

Who is it for?

As we mentioned in our introduction section, this bat is pricey. Therefore it is typically reserved for competitive players at the high school or older levels. In terms of player type, although it is a balanced bat which are normally reserved for contact hitters, there should still be ample power in this model for power hitters as well. Those looking for additional power with more of an end load should look at the Demarini Voodoo instead.

All in all, the CF Zen & Insane should continue on the great legacy paved by the previous models before it. As you can tell there is quite a bit of technology that went into creating this bat so I would expect to see it quite often in the 2018 season.

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