Demarini Zen (Youth version)

One of the most purchased bats over the past couple of years has been the Demarini CF series youth baseball bat. Many believed that the next available version would have been the CF9 however Demarini has decided to do a little something different and instead introduce a 2017 CF Zen version for youth players. With a combination of power and a nice fluid swing, younger players should see quite a bit of benefits with this new version. This page features our review of the 2017 Demarini CF Zen, and looks at the top features included to help you decide if it is the right bat for you.

Features of the CF Zen

Demarini CF Zen review

When it comes to youth baseball equipment, Demarini is one of the top names you should look out for. They offer a wide range of bats, and excel in the areas of innovation and durability. The CF Zen in particular includes the following features:

  • Great flex – If you like to produce a bit of flex (or trampoline effect) when making contact then you’ll really enjoy the CF Zen. Built with a two-piece design, the barrel itself uses what Demarini calls “Double wall” technology. This gives you a massive sweet spot to go along with pure power.
  • Light swing – The CF Zen will probably be one of the lightest bats you’ve ever swung. Using a new Paraflex Composite, Demarini has created a barrel that used advanced carbon fiber mechanics to produce a lightweight bat allowing you to come around quicker on faster throwing pitchers.
  • Reduced vibrations – One of the worst feelings as a hitter is hitting the ball slightly off center and feeling the vibrations ring through your arms. To combat this, Demarini has added what they call a D-Fusion 2.0 handle which reduces these potential vibrations while still providing you with a smooth energy transfer when you really connect.
  • RCK Knob – The final piece of the CF Zen if the “Real Cool Knob” placed at the bottom. The aim of the end cap is to keep the barrel as rigid as possible and provide a little extra pop with every hit you make.

Final thoughts on the Demarini CF Zen

As you can see from the quick feature set above, there is a lot to like about the 2015 Demarini CF8 youth baseball bat. Although 2017 bats are already starting to appear, there are still many players picking up this bat due to its success in the 2016 season. Since it is a year behind as well, there are many great deals that can currently be had on this bat as well.

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