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Best choices of gloves for Youth players

If you are looking for the best youth baseball gloves for the 2018 season then you have come to the right page. Like all other pieces of equipment, finding the right glove can be a huge factor in your success in the field. Many players actually wear their gloves far too long as they feel more comfortable with them and don’t want to start the feeling out process over again. This page in particular looks at what we feel are the top youth sized gloves available and provides a brief review on each. We look at the quality of the glove, the price, and other features the gloves uses to enhance performance.

What to look for when purchasing youth sized glove

There are several factors that go into choosing the right youth baseball glove. Some of which include:

  • Size – An improperly fitted glove can cause major defensive issues on the field. It will make catching the ball harder, and in general make you feel quite uncomfortable. For most youth players, the size of gloves will be somewhere in the range of 9 to 11.5 inches in length.
  • Position – In most cases a generic glove will be all that you will need. However, for some leagues if you play first base, or catcher you may require a specific glove made for that position. Although more rare, there are sometimes sizing differences between infield and outfield gloves, but you typically don’t need to worry about this until you are in more competitive levels.
  • Quality of Construction – There are several different items that a glove can be made of. In its most basic form (like the ones found for infants) you’ll find gloves made of plastic which are incredibly uncomfortable and cheaply made. Regular gloves however can consist of three different grades of leather: top grain, premium, and full-grain. The top-grain leather is the best of the best and is typically placed in the more expensive gloves. These gloves offer several advantages including a quicker break-in period and increased durability.
ImageYouth GloveRating (/5)PriceSizeOpen Back?Latest Price
Mizuno Prospect4.5$$11.5"No
Louisville Omaha Select4.5$$11.5"Yes
Akadema Prodigy5$$11.5"Yes
Nokona Buffalo Combo4.5$$$10.5"Yes

Youth Gloves we Review

Rawlings Gold Gamer – One of the most popular glove brands is Rawlings and for youth players their most popular glove is the Gold Glove Gamer. What sets this glove apart is its strength and durability. Where most gloves are built with the web separate from the glove itself, the Gold Glove Gamer’s web is attached. This and many more features make it one of the best for younger players.

Mizuno Prospect Series – For younger players, learning to play the game the right way with proper technique is imperative for long-term success. That is one of the main reasons why the Mizuno Prospect series makes such a popular choice among youth players as it used advanced features to help the player trap and catch the ball properly, just like the pros. Teaching these techniques at a young age will have great benefits for the young players future aspirations. Read our full review.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select – The Omaha Select is a perfect youth sized glove for those players who are transitioning (or thinking about) to a more competitive level. When you first start off, you won’t need a glove with many advanced features. However at a more competitive level, you certainly don’t want to own inferior equipment. With further enhancements to bruise protection, comfort and advanced level patterns, the Omaha Select might be the perfect glove for your next competitive season. Read our full review.

Akadema Prodigy – The most versatile glove in our list is the Akadema Prodigy as it can be used for any position in the field. Akadema is quickly becoming one of the goto brands when it comes to baseball gloves and the Prodigy is no exception. Sized specifically for youth players with the smaller hand opening and thinner fingers, we feel it is a winner. Read our full review.

Nokona Buffalo Combo – The highest quality glove on our list is the Nokona Buffalo Combo. Crafted through a carefully handmade process, each Buffalo Combo is special. Using the best quality Buffalo leather, you’ll quickly notice a glove that provides amazing comfort and excels on the field. Although pricer than the average youth glove, competitive players should take an interest in this one.

We hope that this page has provided you with enough information possible in order to make the best possible choice when it comes to a new youth baseball glove. As we said earlier, finding a glove certainly is not easy especially with all of the factors outlined just above.

Louisville Omaha Select

If there is one thing Louisville Slugger is known for its producing quality baseball equipment for baseball players of all ages and all skill sets. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been playing for 20 years, Louisville Slugger has a glove that is perfect for you. With this particular review we will focus on the Louisville Slugger FGOS14-BG115 Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Glove.

This is the perfect glove for any player who is trying to crossover into more competitive play. Here are 4 reasons you should invest in the Louisville Slugger FGOS14-BG115 Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Youth Crossover Glove.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select

It Provides Superior Comfort
There is nothing worse than wearing a glove that’s uncomfortable. Doing so will make it possible for you to play your best game. With the Louisville Slugger FGOS14-BG115 Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Youth Crossover Glove you don’t have to worry about that. This glove is designed to provide superior comfort. The patterns are sized to ensure the glove fits each hand properly.

They Feel Great
Its not enough for the glove to be comfortable. It also has to have a superior feel and fit to it. Thanks to the oil treated cowhide leather that is exactly what you will get with this glove.

Baseball gloves go through a lot. Not only do they have to be able to catch baseballs coming at them at 90 miles an hour, but they also have to be able to withstand a variety of different weather conditions. You can be playing in the pouring rain or in the hot sun. The Louisville Slugger FGOS14-BG115 Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Youth Crossover Gloves are made using dye through lacing which helps with not only durability but comfort as well.

Bruise Guard Padding
As you get older the baseballs get hit harder. And if you have ever caught a baseball that’s flying 90 miles an hour you know it hurts. You can end up with big ugly bruises if you don’t have the right protection in your glove. Inside each Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Youth Crossover Glove you will find bruise guard padding. This padding will help protect your hand when catching those fast balls. When you know your hand is protected you will be more confident catching the ball.

If your child is looking to play at more competitive levels, this, or another youth glove in our list, is what they need. It is the perfect glove for this very important transitional phase. Youth baseball and competitive baseball are two different games. When you transition to more competitive levels the game gets faster and the balls are hit a lot harder. To excel at the competitive level its not just about your skill level.

Its also about using the right equipment. And as we all know, the baseball glove is the most important piece of baseball equipment. With the Louisville Slugger Omaha Select 11.5 Inch Infield Youth Crossover Glove every youth baseball player will be able to excel at the more competitive levels.

Akadema Prodigy

The final glove we look at is the Akadema Prodigy Series which is the one we feel provides the most versatility. This page is focused on our review of the Prodigy Series AOZ91 and aims to show you the top features the glove includes. We hope that this will ultimately help decide if this is the best glove for you this season. The Akadema company has been coming on strong lately in both baseball and softball worlds as they keep making higher quality and innovative products. With precise details includes aimed at player performance it is no surprise that Akadema is growing each and every year in popularity.

Features of the Akadema Prodigy

Akadema Prodigy review

As we mentioned earlier, we feel the Akadema Prodigy Series offers younger players a great amount of versatility. Some of the main features include:

  • Can be used at all positions: One of the key component of the Prodigy Series is its ability to be used at any position around the field. Whether you play 1st base, infield, outfield, or pitcher, this 11.25 inch glove will be perfect especially if you play at a non-competitive or beginner level.
  • Better fit – This glove features what Akadema calls the Grasp Clasp Wrist system. What this feature does is lock your hand in place so that the younger player can learn proper mechanics and not have to worry about a loose feeling glove when they goto make a catch.
  • Reptilian pattern – The reptilian pattern is a new design to Akadema gloves that make them almost fingerless. So how would this benefit you as a player? There are a couple of things. First the glove to hand transfer becomes quicker and more efficient as when the ball hits the glove it makes a slight little depression allowing it to sit in your pocket longer. Secondly due to the snake like feeling of the glove, better traction and grip can be gained by the player. Lastly, with basically no breaking points that can be found throughout the pocket, it is expected that this glove will be durable for many years.

For newer players, from non-competitive all the way to competitive levels, the Akadema Prodigy Series is all you will ever need. Although the price tag is a bit higher than average for a youth glove it offers the younger player incredible value. However, if you play at more competitive levels you may want to check out a couple of different models as well that have a bit more advanced features.

Mizuno Prospect

If there is one thing Mizuno is known for its developing high quality baseball gloves for players of every age and any skill level. The Mizuno GPL1154 Prospect 11.5 Inch Youth Baseball Glove is specifically made to fit the hand of a youth baseball player. It is the perfect glove for a youth baseball player that is just starting out.

One of the most important things for a youth to do is learn how to play the game of baseball the right way. The technologies used to great the Prospect Series gloves are centered around this very idea.

Features of the Mizuno GPL1154 Prospect Series

Mizuno Prospect GPL1154

Here are a few features every young player will love about this glove.

PowerClose & V-Flex Technology
Powerclose is Mizuno’s patented technology. This technology places hinges in the glove which makes it super easy for the player to catch the baseball. It provides both leverage and control. Once the player catches the ball the hinges will allow them to squeeze the ball and secure the catch. The V-Flex technology gives the glove what is known as a break point which makes closing the glove easier than ever.

ParaShock Palm Padding
As players get older the balls they catch will be coming at them at a much faster rate of speed. When the balls hit their hands it hurts. But not with this glove. Thanks to the ParaShock Palm padding your youth baseball player will have all the protection he, or she, needs when catching those fast moving balls. The padding will reduce the shock and prevent the stinging sensation you usually feel when catching a baseball.

Mizuno Adjustable Wrist Strap
As a baseball player it is vital your glove fits properly. If the glove is too tight or too loose it will prevent you from catch the ball the right way. This of course can ultimately lead to injury. Thanks to the Mizuno adjustable wrist strap you don’t have to worry about that. The strap makes it possible for you to adjust the glove to fit your hand snug and comfortably.

Flex Bridge Modified Closed Back
The flex bridge closed back gives you the ultimate in control and makes catching balls a lot easier. It also has a Tartan basket web to help you catch and hold on to anything that comes your way. The web basically ensures you catch every ball. This is one of the features that makes this glove the perfect training glove.

Overall this is a great glove. Many reviewers have rated it a perfect 5 stars. This is because this glove will help any youth baseball player take their game to a whole new level. It is the perfect glove for a second basemen, short stop, third basemen, pitcher or infielder.

If your child is just starting out in the game of baseball or they are transitioning to more competitive levels, this is the glove they need. It will help them hone their skills and learn how to catch the ball the right way. Once they learn how to catch the ball the right way they will be simply unstoppable.