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Mizuno World Win 1st base glove

Mizuno products are consistently the go to products of the pros and best amateurs worldwide. With a history over 110 years old, Mizuno has had time to hone their craft and designs to near perfection. Originally based in Japan, Mizuno has embraced the US, and they have embraced Mizuno. World renowned for quality, highly sought after, original designed gloves, they are the standard that all other manufacturers are measured by. Being no exception to this rule, the Mizuno World Win First Base Mitt is an exception example of high quality.

As with all Mizuno models, the World Win 1st base mitt is recognizable from a distance. Any batter knows he is in trouble when he sees a Mizuno at first base. Designed with a special tan colored retro leather look, the soft, smooth feel of quality leather and conditioning lets you know this glove will break in perfectly. The dual layer embroidered Mizuno emblem is hard to miss, and the style is one of a kind. From the colors, to the leather, to the always impressive lace layout, the World Win is a winner. But what’s the big deal? A glove is a glove right? The devil is in the details, and Mizuno is the detail king!

Game ready

The first thing that makes a Mizuno World Win Series First Base Mitt different, is it comes ready to play right out of the package. Mizuno designs their gloves to be as close to game ready as they can be without the hand of the player to size it too. The layout of the laces gives the proper curve and contour to the mitt, allowing for a deeper pocket and a more supported thumb and finger. With lacing around the entire seem the glove is setup to exceed its one year warranty from the get go.


While the pocket is deep, and almost seems sticky because of how well it holds and traps the ball, it releases like it was Teflon coated and is one of the best catch and release gloves available. While every first base player appreciates the speed of a gloves release, comfort is just as important. A glove that stings, doesn’t fit well, or is laced poorly so it doesn’t allow for movement is a player’s worst dream.


Mizuno has an extra thick lace reinforced pocket that can handle throw after throw and give the same great performance today as it does after a year full of games. The extra thick leather webbing allows it to be broken in, but still keeps its strength where other manufacturers would end up tearing by using thinner leather and poor reinforcement.

Unlike a lot of newer manufacturers, Mizuno has learned that nothing beats using quality designs, materials, and workmanship, the place where this is most evident in the fit and feel of this model. The ParaShock Palm Pad absorbs impact like a bullet proof vest, removing the sting, and absorbing the power behind the ball without the rebound that lesser gloves are famous for causing. Everyone knows that short of the Catcher position, the person whose glove takes the most abuse and sees the most action is the first baseman. This is why the design is made to protect the hand of the first baseman, leaving him ready to release and throw without worry.

With an addition that is sure to please every 1st baseman playing the game, Mizuno has upped the ante one more time. Mizuno’s Pro Flex finger inserts and ParaShock three finger channels allow for a comfort and fit with no near comparison in the North American market. The Pro Flex inserts not only are made to be flexible but are a fantastic support and comfort point as well.

Allowing for a better control of the catch and a tighter grip, this modification has been a huge selling point to the thousands already using this glove. The conventional open back is perfect, allowing for maximum support no matter where you choose to place your hand, and with its 12.5 inch size, you are going to be happy with the results. Once again with a full one year warranty, Mizuno steps up to insure the player that they, not profits, are the company’s focus.

Mizuno MVP Prime

The Mizuno MVP Prime, the flagship glove for a sporting goods giant, and one of the best gloves on the market for fielders today. To understand the work that is behind this model, all you need to do is understand a little about the Mizuno Company.

Mizuno USA, stemming from the parent Mizuno Corporation of Japan, has a 110 year heritage to fall back on when it comes to top grade sporting equipment, apparel, and footwear. Whether its golf, volleyball, softball, jogging, track & field, or baseball, you can rest assured that Mizuno equipment is the best. Established in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Rihachi Mizuno set a manufacturing standard that is as high today as it was then. By refusing to cut corners, even at the cost of manufacturing prices and lessened profits, Mizuno has made a name for them that has carried them to number one, with a corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports”, is it any wonder?

Now that you understand the environment behind the name Mizuno, you begin to understand the true worth and value placed on each of their gloves. But what exactly sets these gloves apart?

Starting with the feel of the leather, Mizuno’s proprietary “Oil Plus” leather makes it a perfect balance with firmness for a quality control, and soft flexibility and smoothness for finesse. Durable Steer Soft palm liner takes the sting out of the fastest catch without compromising flexibility and ease of use, allowing strength while it is still soft enough to grip and hold. While this seems like a great combination, adding in the Heel Flex Technology that they are patenting, increases the flexibility and closure. This gives the fielder the increased ability to grasp and really hold the ball, opposed to the competitions stop and drop, which gives the MVP Pro the competitive difference that lives up to the name. Additionally their newest center pocket design increases the hold, and control to the point that you almost don’t need a hand inside the glove at all. This is why even newer players are making MVP quality catches.

The overall design is smooth and sleek; looking like the game was designed for it, as opposed to the Mizuno MVP Prime being designed perfectly for the game. Designed for thumb and pinky stability, the strong edge does more than just look good. The patented, ultra-durable, SteerSoft palm liner protects the catchers hand from even the fastest line drive, without the bulk commonly associated with padding in lesser gloves, and is thin enough to insure great catch and release control. If this weren’t enough to give a player the edge, the Outfield Shock 2 Web is another proprietary Mizuno addition which gives the bonus of more stability, with a pocket that just sticks to the ball.

The look of the Mizuno MVP Prime, and that of its SE or Special edition sister gloves, makes it stand out, and everyone who sees it knows that it’s a premium glove. From the matching outlined embroidered logo, to the multi-colour SE, these gloves practically scream MVP. Adding a two-toned lace to these 12.75 inch beauties, gives an amazing contrast and a look that makes you think it’s easily twice the cost.

With this list of quality enhancements, along with available options for lefties, con you see any reason to be walking any other glove out into the field? Mizuno backs their products with a great guarantee, and why wouldn’t they with a product like this? They are world renowned for their belief in making products that work in harmony with you and your body, and helping you to become the best athlete with the highest quality equipment.

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft

Mizuno has struck another homerun with their Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series gloves. But what would you expect from a company whose pedigree goes back over 100 years?

Mizuno USA has their roots in the only other country that takes its baseball as seriously as the USA. With the best designers and leather smiths in the world, Mizuno takes their craft to a whole new level with the Classic Pro Soft. Anyone who takes their game seriously knows, the Mizuno Classic Pro Soft is the perfect glove for the guys in the field, but do they know why? Seeing it on the hands of so many MLB players and on all the best amateurs, you really have to wonder what the difference is. Is it the players? Is it just a coincidence that all the best ones are playing with Mizuno Gloves? Or is it that Mizuno has once again engineered a glove so good that players are seeing a substantial improvement in their game?

Main benefits of the Classic Pro Soft

Mizuno GMVP1277P MVP Prime outfield

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series gloves are recognizable from a mile away, from their double inlay monogramed logo, to their always distinctive lace or weave pattern. If you step onto the field wearing a Mizuno everyone takes notice. When a batter looks into the field and sees their logo on your hand, you know he is trying to hit away from you, and you can almost see him sweat. Everyone knows the Mizuno is the best glove in the game, but why?

Mizuno starts with a 12.75 Inch size that seems like a target for the ball any time it gets close. With a distinctive weave, the laces form a near perfect pocket that is equivalent to a trampoline for shock absorbing, and as it comes shaped to the point of almost being broken in, it catches flies with ease right out of the wrapper. The naturally pre-oiled leather has a distinctive classic look of the older rugged and rich leathers and is probably why they call it Throwback Leather. This leather is not only soft and durable but it is made to maintain its shape no matter how long you own it.

The Roll Welting gives additional support and strength that is usually confined to the highest priced gloves. Mizuno always provides the additional quality to their gloves, undercutting competition in price, but surpassing them every time in quality. The well supported fingers and the conventional open back allow fantastically improved control and dexterity. This is where the modified T-Web comes into play, helping you catch flies as easily as a spider in a web. The webs strength absorbs most of the impact from a line drive with ease, removing the fear of the sting, so pop flies don’t have a chance.

So what do you add to the perfect glove to top it off? The new Ultra Soft Pro palm liner is the perfect finish for a perfect glove. A soft liner, that absorbs impacts like sponges absorbing water, adds fit, snugness and control. This overall design and near perfect shaping will keep the competitors scrambling to keep up. As one of the best outfield gloves to date, and consistently out selling and outclassing the rest, Mizuno will to only be the one to buy, but the one to keep your eyes on in the future as they continue to develop new tools, materials, and designs in a consistent effort to retain their number one rank in the baseball world.

Wilson A2000 DP15

The Wilson A2000 DP15 infielder glove is one of the best gloves put out by Wilson so far. With its trademarked Pedroia Fit making it easier for those with smaller hands, or people who really need a snug fitting infield glove, this glove is sure to please. The A2000 DP15 model being Dustin Pedrioa’s (MLB second baseman) game model glove, has to be quality, with super long laces that double “X” for more security in the pocket to H-web connection, and the dual rolled welting to insure a super-fast break in. This beauty has even been designed without the felt allowing for a better grasp or feel of the ball, just like Dustin’s glove.

Working with Dustin Pedroia

While Wilson is known for listening to players, they really went all out for this model, taking Pedrioa’s suggestions for the welting, laces, low profile heel, and flared shape and combining them to create a perfect match to his game glove. But really, what would expect from Wilson with decades of MLB worthy designs and refinements that continue to leave the competitors in the dirt. While Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso supplies these Pro Stock™ patterns, and insures their MLB customers are coming back season in and out by using only Pro Stock™ Leather, the rest of the design team spends countless man hours testing and running quality assurance to insure they bring Wilson’s ultra-high standards to their customers.

Other Features

While Wilson’s 11.5” DP15 features their Dual Hinge web, giving it the all-around function that you need in infield play, the Dri-Lex® wrist lining gives the breathable water repellent surface to keep your hand dry and cool, and its Dual-Welting™ provides the ultra-strong pocket that insures your break-in will last. The Dual-Welting™ runs from the binding to the back fingertip, providing an immensely stable pocket by pre-curving the fingers and almost pre-setting the pocket in a way that can’t be undone without disassembling the glove. To top it off, this sought after welting has been patented, which means that absolutely nobody else will have a fit or feel. This insures that you get the perfect catch every time. Adding in the Dri-Lex®, the most breathable materials developed for the game, insures that even if your hands start to heat up from some serious high energy play, they won’t over heat, as the Dri-Lex® wicks away the moisture helping to cool your hand and remain dry, and we all know, a dry glove doesn’t get mildew or mold problems.

Whether you are a Pro or just starting out, the Wilson A2000 series are likely the best in the game. From fit to performance, they are designed to look, feel and more importantly play like a pro’s glove, helping you play more like a pro. While Wilson has been putting out the A2000 series for almost 60 years now, they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to design and quality, insuring each new model released is better and higher quality than the last. This is why their products are so sought after. From the premium leather, to the lining and the design to the final fit, Wilson gloves are world renowned for their quality and their eye for detail shows in every single glove. With more field testing each year and consistent developmental improvements that insure they have the grounds to offer one of the best guarantees in the business, is it any wonder why more games are won with Wilson?

So if it’s the 100 Day money back guarantee, or that Wilson is synonymous with quality, or even that Shigeaki Aso or Dustin Pedroia are your heroes, you know that everyone playing in the infield needs to have this glove.

Best Baseball Gloves – 5 Great Options for 2019!

So you are looking for the best baseball gloves and have no idea where to start?

best baseball glovesThis is quite common, and my hope is that this page provides you with all the insight you’ll need.

Baseball gloves aren’t easy to figure out and largely depends on the players needs.

For instance, a first baseman has much different needs than an outfielder when it comes to a glove.

In addition – a competitive player normally looks for a high quality constructed glove, whereas a non-competitive player could be looking for the most inexpensive option available.

Although we can’t cover every single scenario, we do think the 5 gloves we’ve included for 2019 should cover most.

Let’s start shall we?

ImageGlove NameRating (/5)PriceSizePositionLatest Price
Wilson A2000 DP15GM5$$$11.5"Infield
Mizuno GMVP Prime5$$12.75"Outfield
Mizuno Classic Pro Soft4.5$$$12.75"Outfield
Mizuno World Win 1st Base4.5$$12.5"First Base

1- Wilson A2000

best baseball gloves 2019Wilson A2000 DP15GM: Made by Wilson, but designed by World Champion Dustin Pedroia, the Wilson A2000 DP15GM is arguably the best infield model in the world. This model is an excellent glove with many features to make you one of the slickest fielders around the diamond. Dustin was tired of having to break in a glove over and over to meet his needs. So with the help of Wilson, they came up with a model that meets all of his needs, provides exceptional comfort, and performs well on the field. With a superior fit around you hands, and quality leather this should be a glove that lasts you through many seasons. Read our full review.

2- Mizuno MPV Prime

Mizuno MVP gloveMizuno MVP Prime GMVP1277P: Value wise, we love all that the Mizuno MVP Prime series has to offer and think it deserves serious consideration as a top of the line choice. Although it is the least expensive on our list, there are still many features to help bring your game to the next level. With exceptional control, you’ll always feel in command and have no issues making the difficult plays often required in key outfield positions like center field. Another great feature of the MVP Prime series is that it is lined with an incredibly soft liner. In fact, I would guess that you’ll have never placed anything more comfortable around your hand before. This glove also has “fatter” lacing than others which although also makes it look better, it also provides more durability and strength to handle some of the faster hit balls that comes your way. Read our full review.

3- Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer

Rawlings Gold Glove GamerRawlings GG Gamer G601B: For outfielders, we really like everything that the Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer series has to offer in their G601B model. The series features many different popular models so you know it’s a quality made right from the get go. Additional strength has been accomplished when compared to other models by using a unique trapeze web, also named “Six Finger”. This pattern acts as an extension of the Gamer and actively shifts the main pocket to the center. With the incredibly deep pockets that have been sewn in you’ll have no trouble reaching for those liners or balls in the warning track.

4- Rawlings HOH Dual Core

Rawlings Heart of the HideRawlings HOH Dual Core 1st base: The only first base specific glove in our list is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core series. The “Dual Core” technology used for this model in particular adds carefully placed break points throughout to give you a better catch. Being made from USA Horween leather not only gives the Heart of the Hide incredible strength and durability, but it also allows you to have a quicker break in time and focus your efforts on the field. If you are a first baseman, trusting the Rawlings HOH series is an easy choice!

5- Louisville Omaha

Louisville Omaha Infield gloveLouisville Omaha Flare: The next infield specific glove on our list belongs to the Louisville Omaha Flare. What many infielders like about this one in particular is it feels a bit wider than others. Although still the regular 11.5 inches in length, many feel that the web pattern provides a little bit of additional area which provides just a little bit of extra help when fielding those hard grounders. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, you’ll barely feel the weight on your hands during those hot summer days. Made with top grade leather, you’ll be able to shape the Omaha Flare easier and have a glove that will stand the test of time. For the money – this one is a great choice!

How to find the Best baseball gloves

Compiling and putting together a baseball glove list is not an easy task at all. Just like with baseball bats, there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a glove.

Because of the plethora of options it can sometimes be very difficult to find the right one.

There are so many things to consider even after looking at price. With this quick guide I am going to go over 5 other very important factors you should consider when buying the best glove possible for you:

  • What Type Of Material Do You Want?
  • What Web Style Do You Want?
  • What Type Of Backing Do You Want?
  • What Field Position Do You Play?
  • What Size Should You Get?


A quality model will be made from leather. However, there are a variety of different alternatives you can choose from. There are three main materials used to create the best baseball gloves: Synthetic leather, oil treated leather and premium leather.

Synthetic leather is great for younger players as it is very affordable and does not require a great deal of break in time. However, the one big problem is synthetic leather does not conform to the player’s hand like other materials do.

Oil treated leather is leather that has been pre treated with oils. This softens up the leather and makes it easier to break them in. The last material gloves can be made of is premium leather. Those made with premium leather are not cheap.

While premium leather does take a long time to break it, it will eventually conform to your hand.

Web Style

baseball glove web styleThere are two primary web styles: Open and closed.

Open webs are great for infielders as it allows dirt to easily fall through the glove. It prevents the infielder from scooping up a hand full of dirt while trying to get the ball. Pitchers usually prefer closed web as it helps them better conceal the type of pitch they are about to throw.

Outfielders also like the closed web as it helps them block the sun when chasing down fly balls.


The backing is the part of the glove that rests on the back on your hand. It can either be opened or closed.

An open back is more flexible and is preferred by infielders and catchers.

Closed back is preferred by outfielders and first basemen as it helps stabilize the wrist.

Position Consideration

first base gloveThere are 5 main positions in the game of baseball: Catcher, first baseman, infielder, pitcher and outfield.

The type of model you choose to purchase will ultimately depend on the position you play. These days many are made for specific positions. Each will have a specific design and a certain set of qualities for that position. So its always a good idea to look for ones designed for your position.

Sizing consideration

Baseball gloves come in a variety of different sizes and can accommodate just about any hand size. To get the right size you will need to measure your hand or have it measured by someone at a sports store. To properly measure your hand you will go from the highest point on your index finger to the heel of your hand. Always use a flexible measuring tape to measure your hand. Typical sizes range from 9 inches all the way up to 12.5 inches.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at what we feel are the best choices of baseball gloves available for the 2019 season. We hope that you will bookmark this page, and share with your friends as well. I hope this page helped you make the glove selection process an easier one. For younger players, we also have a specific page dedicated to the best youth baseball gloves that you may want to check out instead.