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Mizuno World Win 1st base glove

Mizuno products are consistently the go to products of the pros and best amateurs worldwide. With a history over 110 years old, Mizuno has had time to hone their craft and designs to near perfection. Originally based in Japan, Mizuno has embraced the US, and they have embraced Mizuno. World renowned for quality, highly sought […]

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Mizuno MVP Prime

The Mizuno MVP Prime, the flagship glove for a sporting goods giant, and one of the best gloves on the market for fielders today. To understand the work that is behind this model, all you need to do is understand a little about the Mizuno Company. Mizuno USA, stemming from the parent Mizuno Corporation of […]

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Mizuno Classic Pro Soft

Mizuno has struck another homerun with their Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series gloves. But what would you expect from a company whose pedigree goes back over 100 years? Mizuno USA has their roots in the only other country that takes its baseball as seriously as the USA. With the best designers and leather smiths in […]

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Wilson A2000 DP15

The Wilson A2000 DP15 infielder glove is one of the best gloves put out by Wilson so far. With its trademarked Pedroia Fit making it easier for those with smaller hands, or people who really need a snug fitting infield glove, this glove is sure to please. The A2000 DP15 model being Dustin Pedrioa’s (MLB […]

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