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Tips for Coaching Youth Baseball

Looking for some tips on coaching youth baseball players this year? Coaching a youth baseball team for the first time or the tenth time can be a stressful situation. Young players tend to be very excited about playing ball and so are their parents. No matter what age you are coaching, these tips will help […]

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Low or Mid sized cleats? Which are better?

When it comes to choosing whether or not to go with low or mid baseball cleats, it really all boils down to preference. Each player is different and each position is different. You have to take the time to figure out which features are most important to you. With that being said, with this article […]

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Rules with respect to Cleats

There are basically three different types of cleats that can be worn during a baseball game. The type of cleats you can wear will depend on the league you are playing for. The rules for baseball cleats very depending on the level of baseball being played. For example, you will find that most youth baseball […]

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How to break in new cleats

When you get a new pair of baseball cleats the first thing you will want to do is break them in. Never play a game without breaking the cleats in first. If you do you will experience quite a bit of pain. When you break a baseball shoe in you are ensuring it will fit […]

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Essentials for Cold Weather games

In most cities in the United States it is still a little cold when April rolls around. Because of this you need to make sure you have the proper gear to keep you nice and warm. Below you will find 5 baseball essentials for cold weather conditions. Long Sleeve Undershirts This is an absolute must […]

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