Best choices of gloves for Youth players

If you are looking for the best youth baseball gloves for the 2018 season then you have come to the right page. Like all other pieces of equipment, finding the right glove can be a huge factor in your success in the field. Many players actually wear their gloves far too long as they feel more comfortable with them and don’t want to start the feeling out process over again. This page in particular looks at what we feel are the top youth sized gloves available and provides a brief review on each. We look at the quality of the glove, the price, and other features the gloves uses to enhance performance.

What to look for when purchasing youth sized glove

There are several factors that go into choosing the right youth baseball glove. Some of which include:

  • Size – An improperly fitted glove can cause major defensive issues on the field. It will make catching the ball harder, and in general make you feel quite uncomfortable. For most youth players, the size of gloves will be somewhere in the range of 9 to 11.5 inches in length.
  • Position – In most cases a generic glove will be all that you will need. However, for some leagues if you play first base, or catcher you may require a specific glove made for that position. Although more rare, there are sometimes sizing differences between infield and outfield gloves, but you typically don’t need to worry about this until you are in more competitive levels.
  • Quality of Construction – There are several different items that a glove can be made of. In its most basic form (like the ones found for infants) you’ll find gloves made of plastic which are incredibly uncomfortable and cheaply made. Regular gloves however can consist of three different grades of leather: top grain, premium, and full-grain. The top-grain leather is the best of the best and is typically placed in the more expensive gloves. These gloves offer several advantages including a quicker break-in period and increased durability.
ImageYouth GloveRating (/5)PriceSizeOpen Back?Latest Price
Mizuno Prospect4.5$$11.5"No
Louisville Omaha Select4.5$$11.5"Yes
Akadema Prodigy5$$11.5"Yes
Nokona Buffalo Combo4.5$$$10.5"Yes

Youth Gloves we Review

Rawlings Gold Gamer – One of the most popular glove brands is Rawlings and for youth players their most popular glove is the Gold Glove Gamer. What sets this glove apart is its strength and durability. Where most gloves are built with the web separate from the glove itself, the Gold Glove Gamer’s web is attached. This and many more features make it one of the best for younger players.

Mizuno Prospect Series – For younger players, learning to play the game the right way with proper technique is imperative for long-term success. That is one of the main reasons why the Mizuno Prospect series makes such a popular choice among youth players as it used advanced features to help the player trap and catch the ball properly, just like the pros. Teaching these techniques at a young age will have great benefits for the young players future aspirations. Read our full review.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select – The Omaha Select is a perfect youth sized glove for those players who are transitioning (or thinking about) to a more competitive level. When you first start off, you won’t need a glove with many advanced features. However at a more competitive level, you certainly don’t want to own inferior equipment. With further enhancements to bruise protection, comfort and advanced level patterns, the Omaha Select might be the perfect glove for your next competitive season. Read our full review.

Akadema Prodigy – The most versatile glove in our list is the Akadema Prodigy as it can be used for any position in the field. Akadema is quickly becoming one of the goto brands when it comes to baseball gloves and the Prodigy is no exception. Sized specifically for youth players with the smaller hand opening and thinner fingers, we feel it is a winner. Read our full review.

Nokona Buffalo Combo – The highest quality glove on our list is the Nokona Buffalo Combo. Crafted through a carefully handmade process, each Buffalo Combo is special. Using the best quality Buffalo leather, you’ll quickly notice a glove that provides amazing comfort and excels on the field. Although pricer than the average youth glove, competitive players should take an interest in this one.

We hope that this page has provided you with enough information possible in order to make the best possible choice when it comes to a new youth baseball glove. As we said earlier, finding a glove certainly is not easy especially with all of the factors outlined just above.

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