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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my website dedicate to the great game of baseball. I have named this website as greatdayforbaseball.com because I really do believe that any day that you can play baseball is a perfect day. What I have always liked about the game is that it combines athletic ability, along with a high amount of strategy. Some people think the game is very simple and I suppose conceptually they are right. However when you dig deeper there are so many things managers think about like splits, tendencies and any other little advantage that might possibly lead their team to the win.

I’ve seen both sides. I played all growing up and now try to coach my son and his friends how to play the game the proper way. I certainly didn’t make it to a high level but still enjoyed every single day. Since I began coaching, I have always had quite a keen interest on a couple of subjects:

  • All of the great innovative equipment that keeps coming out – this is so much different than when I used to play
  • Helping kids and young adults learn how the game as best as possible

Hence why I created this website. When I look on the web there are tons of different baseball stores but have not found any that specifically tell you what the best pieces of equipment are. For instance, my son is more of a contact hitter whereas his friend is a quite a bit bigger and is normally our clean-up hitter. Do you think both players would be at their best using the same bat? No way. Combining the quality of the gear, the price, and the durability, I believe that all the bases covered when it comes to the top bats, gloves, cleats, and youth level equipment.

Secondly, I wanted to provide a little more information on how to become a better player. For instance, one of the more difficult things to master is how to cover bases properly on events like doubles and triples. I’ve tried to provide as many articles as possible and hope to expand on this area as well.

I really hope that you enjoy your stay on my site. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.


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